The Tourist Little Train is the nicest means of transport to admire the artistic and cultural beauties of Cagliari. The tours change according to a timetable and they are studied to meet our passengers’ requirement. The train is made up by an engine with air brake and by two small carriages which have on their tops two advertisement hoardings. It is about 15 metres long, 1,55 meters wide, 2,14 metres high and it weight 2620 kilos. The tow-hook can have in tow 20 tons , the engine is a Ford DOC 420i-1998 cc and can reach 25-30 km/h as maximum speed. The Train can comfortably host 40 people, 20 in each carriage. There is also one seat for a disabled person. It has got a hard roof that shelters from the rain during the winter and from hot sunshine in summer. The side windows are taken off at the beginning of the summer. On board you find the driver and a tourist guide. The former, beyond driving, helps the passengers to sit comfortably inside the train and he sells the tickets. The latter gives you all the information about the service and comments the tour in Italian in English if necessary.
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