In order to reach this goal in 1999 the Tourist Little Train was opened, a nice means of transport which shows the beauties of Cagliari going along its narrow streets. In 2000 Nice Crêpes were set up. They are mobile carts which produce crêpes in the main squares of the town. Also in Cagliari there is a renting point for Ma-Goos, mopeds and ATVs.
The Sea Project society is helped by a group of collaborators: Alessandro Murgia is the creator of the society but he is also its only administrator. He is engaged on the administration, legal and tax sections; Raffaele Marras covers the logistics and organisation sector; Alberto Bertolotti is responsible for Chia,; Emanuela Del Frate and Gianni Corrias administrate Marina di Portisco; Paola Concu organises and co-ordinates the tourist services;